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Raise the Roof: Helpful tips to help you choose the right roofing

Time to put a new lid on things? Choosing the right roofing can be a chore if you don't bother to do your homework. It is also a big expense, so you want to make sure to do things right the first time. A few simple tips can help you determine which type of roofing will help your home look great, withstand the elements, and last a long, long time.

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Picture Dictionary of Roof Styles and Shapes

Browse our Picture Dictionary of Roof Styles to learn about roof shapes and styles. Also learn about interesting roof types and details, and find out what your roof says about the style of your home.

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How Much Does A New Roof Cost To Install?

Roofs perform such an essential function that "keeping a roof over your head" is synonymous with the very concept of shelter. When it comes to maintaining your investment, the smartest money you spend could be on a new roof. Nationally,

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  • ARMA’s New Video Illustrates Why Homeowners Need Proper Attic Ventilation

    Is your roof properly ventilated? The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association’s (ARMA) latest whiteboard video outlines the components to a properly functioning attic ventilation system and the many ways it benefits a roof, such as protection against shingle deterioration and roof system damage.
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  • Tile Roofing For Your Home

    Definition: Tile is a beautiful and durable roofing material used in residential and commercial applications. It is usually made from clay or concrete and typically comes in curved, fluted or flat shapes. Clay tile is usually barrel shaped and red in color and is often called 'Spanish tile'. A version of clay tile that has more of a fluted design
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  • The Most Popular Siding Choices for the Home

    Introduction Few home improvements or repairs can enhance the performance, curb appeal, and value of your house like new home siding. Various siding materials have come and gone over the years, but a handful of standards have remained, along with the occasional newcomer. No one uses asbestos siding ​anymore, and fiberglass and hardboard composite siding have been largely replaced with vinyl and a new
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