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Weather Protecting Roofing Materials

A roof is one of the biggest investments that a homeowner makes in their lifetime. That's because roofs protect families from danger. Dangerous conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and others are sealed out from getting into the interior. There are lots of roofing materials on the market today that will protect the interior.

In the winter, there effects of snow and rain can potentially harm the roof. There are materials out there that are quick and inexpensive ways of protecting the roof's construction. A clear shingle sealant product is designed to accommodate the texture differences of various materials:

  • Asphalt
  • Wood
  • Slate
  • Metal
  • Shingle materials

Elastomeric painting is also another, inexpensive, way of preserving the life of roofing materials. A proper coating will keep moisture and insects out of the dry and cracking materials for months. Elastomeric painting can also reduce energy costs. The benefits of this type of painting include:

  • Flexible
  • Waterproof

Although these materials work to protect roofing materials from the weather; the only real and true way to protect roofing materials is through replacements and repairs. A thorough roof inspection should be performed before any roof work takes place.

A roof inspector will provide a detailed report on the condition of a roof. This includes the roofing materials, flashing around the vents, ridges, chimney, drip edges, and caps. Also included is the condition of the roof's drainage system-the gutters.

A roof certification is issued when it is determined that a roof demands repairs. If a roof does not require repairs, a roofing inspector will provide an estimate on the longevity of the roof. Roofing certifications are good for up to five years.

Roof repairs are needed when a roof is no longer functioning at 100%. There are lots of reasons for a roof to be repaired. No matter what type of roof the homeowner possesses; it is vital for the preservation of it to be repaired for the following reasons:

  • Weathering
  • Wind damages
  • Lack of maintenance

Heavy winds are responsible for roof damage. Normally, roofs are built to withstand strong winds, even the intensity of tornadoes and hurricanes. The air, from the strong winds, pushes up from the bottom of a roof assembly. This loosens fasteners and breaks the adhesion over time.

Roof repairs may be required for any damaged roof. Repairs can build a roof up again. If the damages are too much; a replacement may be needed instead. But repairs are done by professional roofers who can protect all types of roofs from further damages.

It does not matter what time of year it is; if your roof becomes damaged or starts to leak, it needs repairs quickly. The cold weather seasons brings in lots of snow which eventually turns into water. The water can end up damaging a roof just the same as spring showers do.

Extra caution should be taken when performing cold weather roofing. If the homeowner plans on doing it themselves, the materials should be stored in a safe, dry place. Roofing tar or cement may also be needed when performing cold weather roofing.

Warm weather, on the other hand, can improve the speed of roof repairs. The sun can damage a roof just the same as rain and cold weather can. The heat, from the sun's rays, can fade or dry out shingles. Warm weather climate roofing materials may include:

  • Radiant barriers
  • Slat tiles
  • Clay roofs
  • Green roofs

Radiant barriers are also known as overlays. They serve as a coating for the roof that reflects the heat. Studies have shown that radiant barriers can save a home as much as $200 per year. Barriers are a great way of reducing energy costs.

Without proper tools, it can be tough to do roof related work. Ice and wintery conditions make the worst conditions for roofing. Professional roofers can take care of the needs of others and keep them safe from those and other hazardous conditions.

Whether its loose shingles caught in a windstorm or the sun drying out asphalt shingles; a roof should remain safe and secure. Repairs can take care of that and more whenever a professional is called for weather related roof repairs.

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